Proenza Schouler

The American Southwest continues to inspire – when I came across these remarkable images captured by Martin Karplus, 1950s Harvard Professor of Theoretical Chemistry and Biophysics (and, oh by the way, uber-talented photographer), I had to stop and take it in. Not only am I in love with the old Kodachromes, Kodak’s trademark brandname for color reversal film, I am amazed at Karplus’ poignent depiction of this culturally rich wildland – a frontier to American bliss.


Take a cue from the Fall 2011 Proenza Schouler collection when planning your winter wardrobe. A highly imaginative reinterpretation of textile and print; place yourself in primal, yet modern navajo fabrics & recreate Karplus’ technicolor sights. A primer for more to come (since I’m in love with this a/w trend!).


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