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I was browsing through my grandfather’s collection of California watercolors (dedicated to my late grandmother, Marjorie B. King, whose enthusiasm for both classicism and just that touch of American modernity lead her to wear only the latest en fashion, Ferragamo heels, classic tweed, brooches, with an eccentric fuchsia lip) and during all this I came across above painting, Mott Street, by California-style watercolorist Dong Kingman and was completely blown away. There’s something about the way he captures the vibrance and livelihood of New York’s bustling Chinatown. I also love the cute orange tabby slyly placed on the bottom right corner of the painting! It is perfectly sly, seated there watching all the kaleidoscopic action.

I was excited to share this little gem! A personal connection to an exciting piece that keenly depicts the culturally-diverse postwar American city. I was lucky enough to find the 15 minute documentary entitled The World of Dong Kingman (Dong Kingman), produced and filmed by distinguished Asian American cinematographer James Wong Howe in 1953 or 1954.

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